Our services:


As mentioned at the beginning, there are no limits at this point and everything depends on our mutual agreement. We are able to provide moving at any time of the day even during the weekends, as you can say NONSTOP. It is the same with our impact area, we can reach you anywhere you will want us to come. We provide moving in Prague, in the whole Czech Republic and abroad. We are able to move practically everything you can think of a through our own rolling stock, having cars of various sizes, we can save cost at least so that we won’t move one seat in a car with cargo space of 35 m3.


We pack furniture, clothes or fragile things like porcelain, glass or flowers in fixation and bubble wraps or cardboard boxes. We will also borrow wardrobe boxes for free.

Heavy loads:

If there are really heavy pieces of furniture in your house, don’t worry, we can deal with it.

Removal and installation:

Our workers carry all the equipment necessary for professional dismantling of your furniture and putting it together in the new place after moving.

Possible damage:

Sometimes, despite all the efforts and care, the furniture gets damaged. In this case the Imrwere company will pay damages since all the services, therefore also the moved furniture, are properly insured.


We will take unnecessary and old furniture to the collection point and facilitate its disposal as well as we provide cleaning your attics, basements etc.

Moving PragueImrwere gives an advice: If you want to save money, be at the arranged time in the arranged place and provide parking close to the object we will move. It is usually two parking places for two cars. The further we will park the longer time we will need to move the furniture. You can leave everything else on us.